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(Licensed, Bonded & Insured)

Alaskan Home &

Vacation Property

Owner Assistance Services

Maintenance & Management

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Bowman Services, LLC

Willow, Alaska

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Bowman Services is a fully Licensed/Bond/Insured Handyman Repair

& Property Owner Assistance Company that is locally owned

and focuses on serving the communities of

Willow, Houston, Big Lake, Talkeetna and Trapper Creek.

Our primary services include:

Handyman Home Repairs & Custom Projects

Performed by our licensed, bonded & insured Handyman, JR Bowman

& his qualified assistants, as needed.

Vacant Home Services

Property upkeep, maintenance & repairs during owner absence.

Property Watch Checks ~ scheduled on-site visits to property to physically check on property for any concerns or damage needing owner attention. Aimed to prevent crimes against obviously vacant homes, especially in winter months, by showing obvious signs of occupancy like shoveled/disturbed snow, vehicles in driveway & different lights on & off.

Short-term Vacation Rentals for out of area/state Owners

Local Hosting: point of contact for guests to help with concerns or needs during stay.

Pristine Vacation Rental Cleaning & Re-set Between Guests.

Property Maintenance, Repairs, Administrative & Business Management Assistance.

About us:

What makes us awesome

We offer a unique choice to our clients regarding materials on a case-by-case basis.

We work with those who prefer to purchase and supply their own materials to save on project costs.

We can also provide full service with materials included in project costs.

We appreciate our clients and know that we could not be successful without them!

Most of our business comes from return business from past clients and we work hard to develop positive and respectful relationship with each one of our clients.

We are not just a corporate business; we are local community members who respect and appreciate all that Alaska life entails. We do our very best to accommodate and schedule our projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. We also understand how quickly Alaska can throw a curve ball into plans and do our best to keep clear communication with clients throughout every project.

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Top Questions Answers
DO YOU SHOW UP WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL AND WILL YOU BE SOBER Yes this is the 1 thing we are asked YES We value our time and expect it to be respected Therefore we also respect and value our client s time just as much We will have clear communication on scheduling and you can expect a sober employee to arrive just as planned
DO YOU ACTUALLY FINISH THE JOB ONCE YOU START Yes 2 thing we are asked YES We want to get paid just as much as you want to have your projects finished We do not collect the full invoice balance until the job is completed We also work to be as efficient as possible so that other client s can be scheduled for their projects as soon as possible too
DO YOU OFFER FREE ESTIMATES YES We offer Free Estimates by telephone text or FaceTime In person estimates have a small fee Fuel Costs the root of all fees That fee does go towards any scheduled completed project